Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday......Junktoberfest recap!

 October 26, 2013 was the initial Junktoberfest Vintage and Artisan Market. 
Forty four vendors from surrounding states gathered at Red Willow County Fairgrounds setting up their best wares for the over 1500 shoppers that attended! 
A beautiful day topped off the fun we all had! 
Here are some pictures from the day, please enjoy and 
come see us June 25-26 in Kearney, Ne Buffalo Co. Fairgrounds 
AND Oct 25-26 in McCook, Ne Red Willow Co. Fairgrounds! 
Vendors are still being accepted, please email

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Blog is REAL life

 Most blogs have beautiful pictures, that could grace the pages of a magazine.  
Mine.....well if I wait for my house to be clean and a perfect backdrop my blog would never happen.  That's why it has been sporadic at best so far.
 In my house, there is ALWAYS remnant of the latest project, either little girls dressing up....
with a bit of Hooked on Phonics and some fairy magic....
 The yard always shows signs of the latest wind action....
 Inventory waiting for a few spare moments....
 Kids latest clay projects and toys waiting for the next sunny day.....
 Inventory is stored all over the house....
 Collections abound....
 Notes, reminders and drawings....
 This is the least cluttered spot in my bathroom...
 and the only corner that seems to stay clean...
 Piles of what nots, that have no real home...

 This is REAL.

So don't be shocked when you see piles of laundry in the background of my next post, grab a cup of coffee with me and just enjoy real life.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Here chicky chicky chicky

After several conversations, some quiet and not so quiet, 
I finally convinced the Mr. that we needed chickens.  
Super! Mission accomplished!  
Off to Orscheln's I head with my minimal chicken knowledge 
(I was smart enough to not take the kids with me!)  
They were unloading the little day old chicks from the shipping boxes, all peeping and cute.  
My only plan was that I would pick out the chicks and 
keep them in the breakfast nook in a galvanized bucket 
while "we" prepped the coop site 
(we didn't know where the coop was actually going to be placed on our land).
 I knew I wanted Ameracauna's since they lay blue and green eggs.  
I figured I would find a coop later, after all, they'd be small for quite a while  right?

I picked out 10 chicks, 6 Ameracauna's and 4 Production Reds.
"So you have everything else you need?"
The nice young man didn't even flinch when I said 
"No, I don't have anything, a galvanized tub will work for a while right?"  
I had no idea how many of these chicks would survive, 
I was thinking 50% would be a good survival rate for a first timer.

He gathered up everything I would need, 
pine chips, bag of chick starter (Organic, non-GMO), heat lamp, heat bulb, tub, 
a feeder, a waterer, 3 packet of Electolytes (chickie gatorade) and the 2 boxes of chicks. 
"Keep them warm and dry, if they curl up underneath the lamp then they are likely too cold, 
all gathered on the opposite side, away from the light, they are too warm."

And off we went, all 10 newest additions to the family.

Setting up was quite easy.  
Washed out the tub, dried it.  
Put in 3 inches of pine shavings, plugged in the light, attached it a few inched above the tub.  
Placed the fuzzies into the tub one at a time.  
Once they were all place I mixed the electolytes into a gallon jug of room temperature water 
(cold will stress them out) filled the waterer and set it in the tub.  
I dipped each chicks beak into the water so they could recognize it as a water source.  
Filled the feeder, place it and sat for the next 30 minutes watching.

Easy!  We are on our way to farm fresh eggs!

Friday, August 16, 2013


I think its about time southwest Nebraska gets their own JUNK SHOW!  So I'm bringin it!  Introducing Junktoberfest!  Saturday October 26, 2013 in McCook, Ne at West 5th and O, otherwise know as the 4H building on the fairgrounds!  Woohoo!  Spread the word, share the excited, it is going to be FANTASTIC!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

4H Season

Wheat harvest is finished and that means its time for county fairs!  I've always wanted to be a 4H mom, but don't understand any of we enter into Open Class.  

My 2 youngest kids finished their first projects today...stuffies made from their own drawings.  

It was somewhat fun, if only they'd learn to be a little more patient....or if I were better at tuning out every other "mom" "hey mom" or "is it my turn yet?"

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Junkstock Spring 2013

Dust, mud, wind, rain, sun.....and JUNK!  That is exactly what Junkstock Spring 2013 brought for us! But oh was it totally worth it!  Never heard of Junkstock, check it out here and check out some of these pictures!
 Buckled down to prepare for the wind and rain!
 I wish I could remember who this vendor was!
 My neighbors from across the field (for the weekend anyway)
 Even a bounce house for the kids, although I was surprised that it didn't take flight,
 not even once!

 Remember those ugly red wood slatted lawn chairs??  Great idea here!

So in October when you need a good junk fix, head to Junkstock you won't be disappointed.  I unfortunately won't be take pictures and send them to me!